Massage Questions

Q: I have a sore muscle, is massage for me?

A: More than likely yes. If however you have heat, swelling, or intense pain in the affected area; you should talk to your doctor first.

Q: How long of a massage do you recommend?

A: Typically a 1 hour session is the most popular. We do offer 30 minute massages for specific areas. For the ultimate we offer a 1 1/2 hour session. We can customize any session for what your needs are.

Q: Do I have to undress for my massage, will I be exposed at any time?

A: No. You will change in private and will be draped for modesty at all times. Most of our clients choose to undress to the underwear or wear workout shorts, some may choose to undress completely; either way, how you dress makes no difference to us in our standard session as you will always be under a sheet. Some of our clients even choose to wear sweat suits if it is easier for them. To summarize; we recommend being disrobed to the underwear and being draped with a sheet so that can get easier access to muscle areas, but you ultimately can wear whatever you like and we'll do our best to work for your needs.

Q: Can I choose my therapist?

A: Yes.

Q: Should a massage hurt?

A: Different people have different needs. We personally recommend for most 'comfortably deep'. In this type of session we work deep enough to enjoy the long term benefits of massage, but not so deep that you feel like you've been tenderized. Unless you get regular massage, anything that is painful enough to make you lose your breath is too deep. Be sure to tell the massage therapist what your preferences are - a massage should be enjoyable!

Q: Why is important to drink water after a massage?

A: Massage increases circulation and also works to press out lactic acid buildup in muscle tissue. For this reason, it is important to drink plenty of water to filter this out of the body. Lack of drinking water will not cause long term harm after a massage, but will have an impact on how you feel the next day. It is not unusual to experience what is known as a 'massage hangover' the day after your body work session in which you may feel a little sluggish and possibly sore in some areas. Although perfectly normal, drinking water will help to minimize the 'massage hangover'. On a side note, the second day after your massage you should feel great and more than likely will feel the positive effects from your massage for weeks to come.

Q: I'm pregnant, do you offer pre-natal massage?

A: Yes, All Body Basics offer pre-natal massage. Pregnancy massage actually accounts for much of our business. We have helped many expecting mothers get relief from the 'joys' of pregnancy. Massage is not advisable during the first trimester. For your health and your baby's, please get your doctor's consent before making your massage appointment

Q: Is it proper to talk during a massage?

A: Talking or not talking, either is fine. If you wish not to talk during your session, please tell your massage therapist - we promise it will not hurt their feelings. If however, you ever feel discomfort during your session - please tell us, we want you to enjoy!

Q: I'm training for a sports event, will massage help me?

A: Absolutely! We recommend a deep sports massage. Massage will give sore muscles relief, promote healing, & help you to break out of any plateau within your training. A good sports massage will work like a reset for body and workout.

Q: Should I work out after a massage?

A: You can if you wish. Although, we recommend resting the day of your massage as to get the full relaxation benefit.

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